Backstage on Broadway: Matt Bogart takes on role of legendary author, James Joyce, in new musical

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Broadway has been his home for many years,  he also just did a spin on the HBO show “Vinyl”
In tonight’s Backstage on Broadway, we introduce you to an actor who brings his love of one of the world’s greatest writers alive on stage.

He’s been one of the Jersey Boys for the past seven years, but now Matt Bogart is heading to a new stage, in a another part of town.

"I have always loved playing James Joyce, he is a very complicated man, complicated character," Bogart explained.

Matt Bogart is starring in a musical about one of the world’s greatest romances, but it’s one that nobody really knew about, until now.  He plays James Joyce and the show is about the literary great and his wife, Nora, appropriately named, Himself and Nora.

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"He is inspired by her but also resents her throughout his career because he wants to become the most important literary figure in the world," he explained. "I enjoy playing that character that gives her a hard time all night long."

And since it’s a romance. There is plenty of pda involved in the role.

"One of the songs is actually called 'Kiss'," Bogart smiled.

Bogart performs eight shows a week and this Ohio-born actor is the oldest of four boys. He grew up on a farm and knows a thing or two about sharing.

"There are four men in this dressing room," he explained.

Despite the fact he has been in one Broadway hit after another including Aida and Miss Saigon, Jersey Boys has a special place in his heart, especially now that he’s a dad.

"I spent a good amount of time there, I have a really strong family there," he said. "That is an amazing show to have done for as long as I have, of course, I raised my two boys on it these last seven years."

Himself and Nora is at the Minetta Lane Theater.