NYPD officers slammed pregnant woman to the ground during traffic stop: lawsuit

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STATEN ISLAND – A New Jersey woman is suing the NYPD for excessive force, alleging that two of its officers became violent with her during a traffic stop last year -- all while she was 7 months pregnant.

Sheena Stewart was pulled over in Staten Island for allegedly not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign.

When the officers approached her car, she handed over her license but then they allegedly told her, "Shut up, you fat bastard," and "hurry the f--- up" as she reached in her glove box to grab her registration, Stewart said.

The plaintiff said she told the officer that if he were going to continue to talk to her in that way, she would record the encounter on her phone. And that's when, Stewart said, it escalated.

One officer allegedly snatched the phone out of her hand, then the other officer opened her door, unbuckled her seat belt and her pulled her from the vehicle, slamming her to the ground, stomach first, the lawsuit alleges. She was 7 months pregnant at the time.

She was then put in handcuffs and brought to a police precinct, an action Stewart's lawyer said it against protocol.

Even though she was never told why she was under arrest, Stewart spent the night in jail, she said. All charges against her -- including disorderly conduct and resisting arrest -- were eventually dropped and, two months later, she delivered a healthy baby girl.

The city said it is reviewing Stewart's lawsuit.

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