Journey to American citizenship comes to rewarding end for 225 New Yorkers

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NEW YORK — A total of 225 immigrants living in New York, representing over 50 countries, and they all share one dream — to become an American citizen.

Patriotism was bursting at the seams at the New York Public Library Friday as the library partnered with United States Citizenship And Immigration Services for the 3rd annual ‘Independence Day’ naturalization ceremony.

The journey to American citizenship came to a rewarding end for New Yorkers like Eddie Clancy.

“There’s so much opportunity here for work and whatever you put your mind to, you can pretty much go and do it,” Clancy told PIX11 News.

For Jose Cano, the father of former New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano, knows very well the benefits of having naturalized citizenship.

“I mean its great people want to come here to the United States for some reason,” he told PIX11 News. “One of my reasons is it gives me opportunity for all of my family.”