Howard meets entrepreneur named Isis living with stigma linked to name

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NEW YORK — What’s in a name? Plenty, if you’re a 23-year-old from Yaphank named Isis. Isis Stevens.

“Well, I would apply for a lot of jobs. And I think part of my name is why I don’t get a lot of people calling me back," Stevens said.

And that’s just one of her problems. She started her own hair extension business. When she works through PayPal, she runs into a problem.

“PayPal is actually holding my account right now. My clients purchase hair through PayPal. I can’t get my money from PayPal because they’re holding my account," Stevens said.

It takes extra time for her to get her account cleared. And we won’t even go into what air travel must be like.

Her parents are also retired NYPD police officers. They named her after an Egyptian goddess. Who would ever believe it would become an acronym for the evil radical Islamic state organization? They feel for their daughter and support her idea to start going by her middle name.

“If I go out I won’t say my name is Isis. I’ll say my name is Simone. And I shouldn’t have to do that. I should feel comfortable in my own name and my own skin because that’s who I am. And I can’t because I’m always the butt of a joke," Stevens said.

Keep that in mind if you meet someone named Isis.