Joint Base Andrews: No active shooter found after reports prompt lockdown

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JOINT BASE ANDREWS, M.D. — No active shooter was found at Joint Base Andrews Thursday after the military facility tweeted that a drill may have turned into a real-life situation, prompting a lockdown.

The Maryland base, which houses Air Force One and is located about 20 miles outside the nation’s capital, tweeted Thursday at 9:16 a.m. that it was on lockdown due to a report of an active shooter.

The tweet instructed all personnel at the base in Washington’s Maryland suburbs to shelter in place and says more information will be released as it comes.

An active-shooter drill was apparently scheduled at the time.

“The base was scheduled to conduct an active shooter exercise, however, reports of a real-world active shooter situation were reported,” the base tweeted.

More than an hour after the initial report, the base tweeted the “all clear” had been given.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson previously acknowledged there was an “unfolding situation” at the base, and said he may have to take a break from the hearing as the situation at Andrews develops.