Terror attacks becoming ‘almost normal,’ Brooklyn college instructor living in Istanbul says

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ISTANBUL, Turkey — A college instructor from Brooklyn now living in Istanbul said Wednesday that terror attacks have become “almost normal” in the city.

His comments come the morning after three suicide bombers entered Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, killing at least 41 people.

Within hours the airport was up and running as officials continued to investigate which terror organization was responsible — with early reports leaning toward the Islamic State group.

“Sadly it’s sort of becoming something almost normal,” instructor Louis Fishman said.

Shortly after such deadly incidents, “life picks up quickly” although there is a sense of tension and uneasiness in the air, he said.

“That thought is always in your mind that something could happen,” he said. “And that really is what the terrorists want to achieve, right? That you have this fear that it can happen anywhere at any time.”