Howard helps bride still waiting for wedding video, 10 months later

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Ahhh, June. The month for brides and grooms and weddings and wedding photos. But not for Tanzeena Huq. She got married last summer and still doesn’t have her wedding video and photo album from a New Jersey outfit called Red Shoe Bride.

Huq paid the owner, Ilysa Mitofsky, $6,000 to shoot her wedding to her sweetheart, Brad Ducore. Now, Huq said she can’t get through to Mitofsky.

“I don’t know what’s going on her end,” Huq said. “But I’ve caller her. I’ve emailed her. She’s blocked most of my phone numbers. I’ve called her from six lines at work.”

Huq needed help. She called me and we went over to the New Jersey address she had for Mitofsky’s office. It turned out to be an apartment and no one was home. I called a number we had for her and left a message. Then we went to another downtown address for Red Shoe Bride. People at that location said the company wasn’t there.

But something worked. All of a sudden Huq received an email and very nice looking wedding video. Huq was thrilled.

“She sent me a highlight reel which is really amazing,” Huq said. “I can’t believe it. One phone call from you!”

Then we found out Red Shoe Bride had an office in Pompton Plains, New Jersey. Huq and I went over and found two people in the office. Neither one was Mitofsky. But they were nice enough and invited us in, sans camera.

We received some apologetic words and comments about server issues they were having. Then Mitofsky herself called. We were hoping to resolve this amicably. But she had some harsh words for Huq, threatened to call the police on us and then hung up.

So, Huq is still waiting for the final wedding album. Red Shoe contacted her and told her it would take a while. Hmmm. It’s only been about 10 months already. Wonder how much more time they’ll need? We’ll see.

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