Wisconsin gas station owner uses store sign to warn about drug dangers

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A Wisconsin gas station owner is warning his customers of the dangers of drugs by posting his concerns on signs posted outside his store.

About a dozen signs have gone up at the Northeast Standard BP station in Sheboygan, Wisc., after the owner, Dick Hiers, said he's seen more than 30 of his customers die from overdoses.

Pictures of the various signs, which include the phrases "Heroin is killing people; help wanted" and "Wake up, your kids are dying" have been posted to social media.

But Hiers said he was disappointed by the community's lack of response and is now working with two groups — Samaritan's Hand and the Christian Intervention program — to help spread his message.

To also raise awareness, Samaritan's Hand will be holding an event called "prayer at the pump" at Hier's gas station hoping that his unique community outreach tactics will drive his message home.

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