Bronx teen fatally stabbed days before high school graduation

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MOUNT HOPE, The Bronx — An aspiring Mount Hope teenager who was just days from graduating high school and wanted to be an attorney  was stabbed to death over $2.

"I'm broke my son is gone," said Angela Ducasse. "He went like 5 minutes outside and he's gone."

The mother of 17-year Carl Ducasse is trying her best to stay strong with family around her, coping with the horrible death of her son.

"He's not a kid to be outside he loved to be in his house," says Ducasse.

The stabbing happened just a block from their house.

Police say on Friday a homeless man stopped teen and demanded cash in front of a shelter on Henwood Place.

The teen only had a couple of dollars, but it appears that wasn't enough.  The two scuffled, then another man, possibly a teen joined the fight with a knife  fatally stabbing Carl in the heart. Both men ran off leaving Carl to die.

Carl the youngest of three kids was just days from graduating high school.  His family says his cap and gown should be arriving Monday.

The teen had a dream to be an attorney.

But now his family can only remember him with memorials of his life outside his family home on Walton avenue.

"I just started crying I couldn't believe it this is my cousin," said Maria Ducasse. "I'm a mom too so I know this is hard for anyone to deal with."

His family says he was a good kid who got good grades and always respectful.

The last conversation he had with his mom is he wanted to know how to cook, so he could make dinner for a future girlfriend.

Police are still searching for the suspects.