Newark police officers make 10-year-old’s day after dad dragged by runaway driver

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NEWARK, N.J. — A disappointed little boy inspired a special showing of support from Newark Police officers, after his father was badly hurt in an early morning hit-and-run on Sunday. Gonzalo Ramos graduated from the 4th grade on Wednesday night, but his father was stuck in the hospital with pins in his legs and bruises all over his body. So instead, 15 of his fellow police officers showed up in his place to surprise his son.

“It made me feel like I was important to a lot people,” said Ramos, 10.

Officer Gonzalo Ramos was issuing a parking ticket when the owner of the vehicle allegedly hopped in and sped away, dragging Ramos with him.

“Our officer wound up on the hood of that car being driven at a high rate of speed speed about 80 yards down the road,” said James Stewart, President of Newark’s Fraternal Order of Police.

When fellow officers visited Ramos in the hospital, they asked if there was anything they could do for the family. Ofc. Ramos, who could not be interviewed for this story, told them about his son’s graduation. The officers escorted Ramos’ wife and children into the ceremony and let Gonzalo Ramos Jr. sit in a Newark Police patrol car once it was over.

Ramos said he still missed his dad, but he thanked the officers for their support.

“The bottom line is we didn’t want him to be alone,” said Stewart.

Police were also able to catch and charge the driver allegedly responsible for Ramos’ injuries on the same day as his son’s graduation.

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