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Backstage on Broadway: Charlie Cox and Heather Lind tackle range of topics in ‘Incognito’

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"It’s about, hmm" Heather Lind smiled.

It’s hard to put into a few words what the new play Incognito is about.

But, a Marvel hero helps us out.

“It’s a bit of like a Christopher Nolan film, you feel like it’s way too intelligent for you but by the end of it you’re like I think I got that,” Charlie Cox said.

Charlie Cox and Heather Lind are both between seasons of their hit TV shows.

He saves the day in 'Daredevil' and was a little nervous about what his fans may think.

“The fans that I’ve spoken to afterwards, who have seen the show, have loved it," Cox said. "They’ve kind of pointed out some really interesting similarities that I hadn’t even seen.”

Heather helps lead a 1700s New York rebellion against the British, in AMC’s 'Turn: Washington Spies.'

“The richness of that context really serves me on that show and then to get to work on something like this where, the context is kind of elusive, they almost feel like opposite experiences," Lind explained.

From neuroscience to sexuality and Alzheimer's, this one act mind bender holds your attention.

“I think the lesson of the play for me is that we hold within us just a huge capacity for love and change,” Lind said.

And imagination, as four actors seamlessly transition to multiple roles.

“Together we play 20 parts, no costume changes, there’s no hair and makeup changing or set changes," Cox described.

Albert Einstein is an integral part of this play so we had to know what these two would want to ask the genius..?

“Like basic things like what he ate for breakfast, and did he drive a car or what kind of socks he wore,” Linded smiled.

“Rather than just asking him questions, it’s be interesting to just spend some time with him,” Cox added.

Incognito is currently playing at the Manhattan Theatre Club through July 10th.


Produced by: Kim Pestalozzi

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