Arianna Huffington and daughter discuss relationship, challenges and new ventures

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She's the power behind the Huffington Post, a 15-time author, entrepreneur and media mogul.
But it was clear as soon as a I sat down with Arianna Huffington, it's her role as a mom that takes center stage.

"I have this absolute rule when one of my daughters call I will interrupt anything I'm doing," Arianna said. "Everyone knows it will normally last for 10 seconds because I want to make sure it's nothing urgent."

In fact, it was her oldest daughter, Christina, who found her mother when she collapsed from exhaustion nine years ago.

"I hit my head  and I came to in a pool of blood, it was actually quite funny my sister saw me and she fainted," Arianna remembered. "Thank god Christina walked in, who was a teenager at the time and she took charge."

That was the trigger behind her book, 'The Sleep Revolution.' It has changed the way she lives life and does business. She sleeps eight hours a night and unplugs completely.

"We may be exhausted, our bodies are tired but we haven’t turned off our brain," she explained. "That’s why I recommend a half hour before you go to sleep turning off your devices,  charging them in another room and having a hot bath or shower, just wash the day away."

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Christina's work ethic comes from her mother, working side by side with Arianna at the Huffington Post, launching a new video series called 'Talk to Me.'

"It began with influential people being interviewed by there children and has since expanded," Christina said. "The first episode was with my mom, my very helpful guinea pig."

"How was it to interview your mom?" I asked her. "It was great, it was so much fun!" she replied. "We talk everyday, I've had multiple therapists tell me instituting a boundary wouldn’t be a bad idea but there is very few times that I actually sit down and ask her real questions."

As for what Christina learned from her mom that she didn't know before?

"I had a sense that she had a lot of guilt when I was growing up because she was a working mother, but I don’t think I realized how deep that guilt sort of went," she said. "It's so funny because both my sister and I didn’t feel for one minute that she wasn’t fully there in our lives."

"It was nice for me to hear that because so many working mothers have that perpetual guilt, sometimes feel they take the baby out and put the guilt in," Arianna said. "I know if I wasn’t working I wouldn’t have been as happy and that would have affected my mothering. I still do think the way it manifests now that if there is any problem in Christina's life there is a part of me that blames me, guilt still makes guest appearances."

Something Christina has been very vocal about is dealing with a past drug addiction and certainly something Arianna had to understand wasn't her fault.

"I ended up getting sober my last year in college, which I struggled with drug and alcohol abuse. It's been over four years now that I have been sober, by far the thing in my life that I'm most proud of, " Christina said. "I was lucky that I had people support me and I had people to be able to provide for me and pay for treatment which so many people don’t."

"I am so proud that she can rebuild her life and she is using what happened to her to help others," Arianna said.

'Talk to Me' captures moments like these. From Oprah to Melinda Gates to families who have been devastated by gun violence.

"They were all real and all so moving we have heard that from all around the world," Christina said.

"What was your biggest dream for Christina and her younger sister?" I asked Arianna. "To make sure their own happiness is not based on their external circumstance. And to find that place of happiness and strength inside us. The one expectation is giving me grandchildren, that is the one thing that is non negotiable, ideally little girls that I can dress up!"

On Father's Day, the Huffington Post is taking over part of Madison Square Park with a pop-up booth to encourage fathers to take part in the 'Talk to Me' movement.

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