Mother demands action after teacher’s aide allegedly strips, hits child at Bronx school

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THE BRONX – Troubling allegations at a Bronx charter school and now a school aide has been put on leave.

A 6-year-old says the teacher’s aide took him to a closet, undressed him and talked down to him as punishment. Now, the child's family is speaking.

The school is not giving out much information on this teacher’s aide. But the child's mom tells PIX11 News he's been reassigned. But she says she wants him fired so he can never work with children again.

LaQauna Chisolm claims her son - whose name she did not want to disclose to protect his identity - is traumatized by what happened at the Rosalyn Yalow Charter School at 116 East 169th St in the Bronx.

"He's a 6-year-old boy and to have this going on you took his innocence and inflicted corporal punishment on him," Chisolm said.

The allegations are disturbing.

The furious mom says last Friday, her son, who is in the first grade, was sent to the principal’s office because he refused to take a test.

The boy told his mother that instead of going straight to the principal's office, a teacher’s aide – who the boy identified as a "Mr. Allen - led him to the school’s basement. In the closet of the fencing room, the boy says Mr. Allen ordered him to take off his clothes.

The child refused and allegedly the aide took off the child’s school shirt, undershirt, sneakers and socks - while berating him. Mr. Allen allegedly said "you want me to take off your pants too?" He then hit the child in head with a quote “black sword-like item."

Mrs. Chisolm says its cruel and unusual punishment. And it was all to demean and humiliate her child.

"He cried he begged for his belongings back and then was hit on top of his head," Chisolm said.

Chisolm called for a meeting with school administrators Tuesday morning. Chisolm says in that meeting, the aide admitted to taking off the boy's shoes and socks, but did not say he took off the boy's shirt. Mr. Allen also reportedly admitted to showing the child nude pictures.

He told the boy he is bright and intelligent but will "go to jail or end up dead" if he didn't appreciate the good things he had in life. He also told him he's the only one who cares about him at that school and he doesn't feel the child is loved and doesn't have a father figure.

Chisolm said in the meeting, the aide did little to explain himself.

"His explanation he really didn't have one like this is why he did this," Chislom said. "He felt like I don't care about my child."

Community Advocate Tony Herbert says the aide should be fired and not allowed around children again.

"We don't send out kids to school to be violated or disrespected," Herbert said.

PIX11 reached out to the school officials. Alec Diacou, Founder and Executive Director of Rosalyn Yalow Charter School released the following statement:

On Tuesday, June 14, the Rosalyn Yalow Charter School received a complaint from the mother of one of our students alleging that her child had been mistreated by a school employee. We met with the mother that afternoon. Based on that meeting, the school immediately began an internal investigation. The employee has been placed on administrative leave until the investigation is completed.
The safety and well-being of every child in the Yalow Charter School are of paramount importance to us, and we take any complaint of student mistreatment extremely seriously. We do not expect the investigation to be prolonged. If the investigation results in a finding that a school employee committed misconduct, appropriate corrective action will be taken immediately.
In light of the ongoing nature of our investigation and our duty to safeguard the privacy of our students and their families (including the student involved, who continues to attend our school), it would not be appropriate for us to comment further about the allegations at this time.

The little boy's mother confirms he still attends the charter school. He is also undergoing counseling. The family plans on filing a police report.

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