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Unusual cloud over New Jersey hospital ‘much smaller than expected’

Posted: 12:53 PM, Jun 14, 2016
Updated: 2016-06-14 12:40:51-04

NEPTUNE CITY, N.J. — If you see an unusual cloud lingering over New Jersey Tuesday, this is why.

The Jersey Shore University Medical Center purged an oxygen tank, which created a cloud that was originally predicted to be much larger.

The tank was successfully purged without incident, but the cloud was much smaller than expected, according to the Neptune Township Police Department.

Vapors from the tank purge can be seen in the video below from the Neptune Township Police Department’s Twitter.

The Neptune Township Police Department said earlier on Facebook that the cloud is made of water vapor.

The tank was purged in a closed-off area on the Neptune hospital's campus. It's part of the tank's preventive maintenance, according to Maureen Gillespie, spokeswoman at Jersey Shore University Medical Center.

The condensation created will last about an hour, Gillespie said.

Local authorities have been alerted. The cloud posed no threat to the community or anyone on the hospital's site, she said.