New midtown gym creates workout that helps shed pounds while giving IMAX-styled experience

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NEW YORK — Those who say working out is a drag haven’t been to TMPL Gym in midtown.

The new innovative gym by fitness guru David Barton has a nightclub feel that makes going to the gym feel like anything but.

“I’m in the business that a lot of people don’t like,” the fitness pioneer Barton told PIX11 News. “People don’t like sweating so I make it enjoyable.”

“I can give you the body that you want but I also make everything in here fun.”

One of those fun and inventive things keeping members busy is a spin class that’s a real trip — literally.

Synchronized with music and exercise, Les Mills’ “The Trip” is a TMPL Gym exclusive that allows cyclists to take a ride in front of a 44-feet wide, 12-feet high curved screen, which delivers a one-of-a-kind IMAX-esque experience.

The class takes them through different worlds as they sweat it out to the music.

“I did not want to do any sort of cycling class unless I can make it better than anything that was out there and something that people were dying to get in here and do,” Barton said. “You know sometimes there’s a line to get in and people are just dying to do this.”

The Trip is so surreal, you almost forget you’re working out, according to Group Fitness manager at TMPL, Bryan Jarrett.

“People love it,” he said. “The great thing about this class is that it truly immerses yourself so it’s a nice distraction from the workout.”

“It helps you push harder and the graphics really help you get to the next level.”

Get more information on TMPL and The Trip by visiting their website.