Postal worker to sue city over wrongful arrest in Crown Heights

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CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn — A New York City postal worker is suing the city over a wrongful arrest that has left him too traumatized to return to work.

Cell phone video shows Glen Grays, 27, being stopped by police in March while doing his job as a mail carrier in Crown Heights.

Grays claims the officers sped by his mail truck and nearly hit him.

According to his lawyer, he then shouted something out of frustration.

The video shows several undercover officers placing Grays under arrest after heated words were exchanged.

Grays was charged with disorderly conduct, but it was dismissed eight weeks later.

The plainclothes officers were removed from their duties.

“The police involved in this situation did not have probable cause to arrest him in any form or fashion," said his attorney.

Now, Grays is suing the city over the ordeal, claiming that the arrest was so traumatizing he's been unable to go back to work and now suffers from anxiety.

In addition to a false arrest claim, his attorney says the lawsuit will highlight several other claims including a civil rights violation and negligent supervision stemming from Grays not being properly strapped into the back seat of the NYPD car. The police car rear-ended a civilian car as they transported him to the police station.

The lawsuit is now currently being reviewed.

The investigation is ongoing.