Hillary Clinton aims to clinch nomination as New Jersey, 5 other states, head to the polls Tuesday

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NEW JERSEY — Hillary Clinton, fresh off her win in Puerto Rico, is focused on winning enough delegates Tuesday to clinch the Democratic nomination.

New Jersey, California and 4 other states head to the polls on this last Super Tuesday.

But Bernie Sanders is pushing head, hoping to win California. This past weekend, Sanders said he believes it will be a contested convention in July. He said he thinks he can win over some super delegates.

Polls show Clinton is ahead in New Jersey while the it is a tight race in California.

"If the turnout is very, very large, I think we have a chance to win big," Sanders said about California.

However, Clinton was confident as she campaigned there.

“I know we’ve never done this before. We’ve never had a woman president,” Clinton said.

Clinton has about 300 more pledged delegates than Sanders. And she has won over 3 million more votes during the primaries.

Washington D.C. votes on June 14th.