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Different sunscreen products to protect your skin all summer

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Studies show that women of color's skin cancer rates are going up and as a matter of fact skin cancer is the most common form of cancer. This year alone over 3.5 million people will be diagnosed and 2.2 million treated per year (facts from skincancerprevention.org). It's Skin Cancer Awareness month, but also with the end of memorial day, summer is officially here. Here are different ways you can protect yourself and prevent it from happening to you.

Beauty maven Milly Almodovar, showed the different ways we can stay protected all summer long!

Excuse: I hate SPF because it leaves a White Cast On Skin

Solution: LUMIXYL MoistureLock SPF 30 $54 — So many women of color won't use SPF because they know that it leaves a white cast from the titanium dioxide. It can leave darker skin looking extremely ashy. Lumixyl SPF thought of that, they have found a way to micronized the titanium dioxide of the SPF so it won't leave skin looking white. Their SPF applies invisibly on any shade of skin and leaves skin feeling so silky you can actually skip your primer.

UVO $5.00 — Drinkable Sun Protection, yes it exist. Meet UVO is a revolutionary dermatologist developed vitamin supplement specifically formulated to protect and repair your skin from sun damage. UVO’s scientifically proven ingredients work from the inside out making it a healthy, easy, convenient and tasty way to healthy skin. Drink one bottle or powder pack (1) before sun exposure for 3-5 hours of supplemental sun protection from head to toe including your eyes http://www.drinkuvo.com

Spray SPF

Australian Gold X-Treme Sport Spray 7.99 — Spray is tricky because it can get caught in the wind so it's super important that you are spraying closer than normal to your face. This one is water reisistant, contains UVA/UVB protection and it has aloe vera to nourish the skin.


Boots No 7 Stay Perfect Foundation $15.99 (Target) — If you are bad about applying sunscreen, I always tell women to make sure they use makeup with SPF. The problem is that many foundations with SPF can leave darker skin with a gray or ashy cast. Enter this one. This one not only contains SPF 15, but doesn't leave that gross ash, but it's fragrance free, and gives 17 hours of non greasy wear, so your skin will be matte (super important during the summer months when skin can get greasy)


Supergroup: Shine on Lip Screen $24 — You apply this product over any lipstick you own, and it immediately makes the lipstick have an spf of 50.


Tela Beauty Organics Guardian Angel Solar Hair Serum $32 — Contains natural UV Protectants that won't weigh hair down but protects the scalp and hair from damage.

Pump Up the SPF

Tips: A lot of people don't realize this, but a recent study http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8869680 showed that using a vitamin C serum before sunscreen, can actually provide much greater protection than sunscreen alone. Bump up protection by applying a Vitamin C serum 5 minutes before your SPF. Also, if you suffer from dark marks (which many women of color get from the sun) Vitamin C is the best way to lighten them.

DCL C Scape High Potency Serum $95 — Contains 25% vitamin C which is the highest concentration of SPF. It fights the free radicals that the sun will cause ,and it leaves skin absolutely glowing, plus almost primer like.

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