A bright spot in a quadriplegic’s life after living in squalor

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MORRIS HEIGHTS, The Bronx — Being a quadriplegic, Nyree Stevens spends a lot of time at home.

Home is a NYCHA apartment in the Morris Houses in the Bronx, and it’s in terrible shape.

“It’s horrible,” Stevens said. “The living conditions is horrible.”

Everywhere you looked, the walls were falling apart, from floor to ceiling. There was mold in the bathroom from leaks in the ceiling. The apartment was infested with bugs.

Morris Houses resident Nyree Stevens called PIX11 News for help getting her apartment repaired.

Morris Houses resident Nyree Stevens called PIX11 News for help getting her apartment repaired.

“They tell me they’re going to plaster and they don’t come," she said.

Stevens has been complaining for months. The manager in her building told her she’d have to wait six months or more for repairs. Maybe they’d come by in October.

So Stevens reached out to PIX11 News. When my photographer and I arrived, there was no one in management to talk to. But we tracked down the president of the tenant’s association who agreed to come in and take a look at the apartment.

Management hopped to at that point.

Within a day, workers showed up to tackle the situation.

Six weeks later came a happy email from Stevens.

“They finally finished my apartment and you can come by any time to see the repairs!” she wrote.

When we got there, Stevens was grinning from ear to ear.

“They painted, plastered, and put new tiles down," she recalled.

They actually repainted the entire apartment. But first, they removed all the peeling plaster. What used to be the hole in the kitchen wall is gone.

“They actually knocked down this whole wall and rebuilt it,” she said.

New cabinets eliminated the bug infestation problem. What used to be mold in the bathroom is now gone.

The floors throughout the apartment now have new tiles.

The leaks in the ceiling that prevented the lighting from working, have been fixed.

Let there be light! And there is!

Stevens said she is so happy.

“Thank you for your help,” she said. “It’s gotten done. If it wasn’t for y’all, it’s been going on since 2014. Now I can live better and enjoy myself being home.”

PIX11 was happy to help.

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