Brooklyn residents demand traffic light near busy park, dangerous road

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BOROUGH PARK, Brooklyn – A neighborhood in Brooklyn is begging for help in the form of a traffic light near a busy park.

The 18th Avenue Park in Borough Park will undoubtedly draw throngs of revelers this Memorial Day weekend, but actually getting to the green space – located at 56 Street and 18th Avenue – is a dangerous game.

Residents said there are no traffic lights for several blocks and traffic zooms through the area. It’s been the scene of several crashes already and the community worries more are inevitable if something doesn’t change.

Councilmember David Greenfield said he’s battled the city's Department of Transportation to put a traffic light there for years, and the park is set to undergo a $7 million renovation.

Preschool teachers who have to cross the busy street said it’s the most stressful part of their day, holding tiny hands extra tight as they rush to safety on the other side.

“I have to hold them and hope we get across,” one teacher said.

DOT responded to the situation:

"DOT has received Councilmember Greenfield's signal study request and we are reviewing."

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