PIX Financial Fix: Money leaks that are draining your pockets

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Where is all your money going? Bankmobile's Ash Exantus gave advice on how to plug up money leaks so you can have more for savings and retirement.

1. Daily Caffeine Fix
Being hooked on the designer name coffee can really drain your pockets. You have a few options that can help you save on your daily caffeine fix, while helping you save money in your bank account. You can brew your own coffee‎ at home, pitch in to buy a proper coffee machine and coffee for the office, or convince your employer that coffee will make you more productive at work. Either option can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars yearly.

2. Buying Lunch
Buying lunch everyday can be a big expense, especially if your workplace is located in a popular area that adds premiums to everything. But at the same time, you don't have to settle for tuna salad every day in order to save money. Try buying bulk food at your local BJ's, Costco, or even trader joes and prepare lunch that your taste buds will be proud of. Also, try finding a nearby college and buy your lunch in that area. They typically have great food that’s priced for a college student’s budget.

3. Cable Television
I know most of us need our cable TV but cable is burning a big whole in your pocket. The good news is that there is a happy medium. Most of the premium cable shows are now available on popular streaming services like Hulu and Netflix for less than $20 per month. Even cable channels are providing access to their networks without needing a cable provider, like HBO NOW which charges $14.99 per month for access. Cutting your cable service and replacing it with one of the aforementioned will have a significant effect on your pockets

4. Your phone bill
Phone bills often come with hidden extra costs, including overage fees or unnecessarily pricey data plans. Review your most recent bill to see if you could switch to a cheaper plan or even find a cheaper service provider.

5. Ditch the Uber/Car – You can save a lot of money on transportation by simply walking, biking or carpool as much as possible. While Uber, Lyft, and other similar services are convenient, the cost can really add up very quickly. Instead, enjoy the scenery and save money as well as stay healthy all in one shot. If you are in a rush, the subway is faster and cheaper anyway.

6. Monthly Subscription Fees - whether you are paying for your monthly music subscription, magazines, newspapers or even gym memberships many monthly subscriptions are draining money from your paycheck without you even noticing. Make it a habit to not sign up for things that have recurring charges. If you can't afford to pay for it all up front then you shouldn't get it.

7. Convenient ATMs
This one is dear to my heart, especially because there are billions of hard-earned dollars going towards ATM fees each year that can be used for savings, investing or even vacationing. Even though the convenience of the ATM may make paying for your own money seem worth it, in the grander scheme of things you are literally throwing money away that you could be saving for other things. Instead of paying those unnecessary ATM fees, use your card at stores that allow you to get cash back or open a bank account at a bank, like BankMobile, that doesn't charge ATM fees... believe it or not, they do exist!

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