Social media goes wild over cute animal photo, video

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Zoos are a haven for cuteness, so it's no surprise a few baby animal stories are making the rounds on social media.

First up is a photo of a sweet toddler named Braylee and a 5-month-old  Western Lowland gorilla named Gus.

Like a scene out of "Tarzan," the photo was shared to the Fort Worth Zoo's Facebook page for a contest. It shows Gus and Braylee pressing their palms together through the glass.

Then over at the Dallas Zoo, an elephant rescued from South Africa gave birth to a boy.

The zoo said the little guy doesn't have a name yet, but weighs on the low end about 175 pounds, and stands about 3 feet tall.

According to the zoo, he is the first African elephant calf born in the U.S. in almost 2 years.

Mom and baby will be kept in a special nursery where keepers will give them time to bond before they are introduced to the rest of the herd.

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