Long Island principals warned about website displaying nude photos of students

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LONG ISLAND -- The Rockville Centre Diocese is alerting the principals of its Catholic schools about an illicit website that posts nude pictures of students on Long Island.

The Diocese sent out a letter to school principals after a parent brought the website to their attention.

The letter states:

"Young girls are cooperating with the request to submit pictures and are, unknowingly, participating in their own victimization."

Adding, "male students have reportedly copied these pictures and "trade them like baseball cards.'"

Users of the site can request photos of specific students. Many of the photos are of girls who attend schools on Long Island.

Unfortunately, Cliff Pfleger is well aware of the website. An anonymous poster uploaded a picture of his teenage daughter onto the site. Pfleger says although his daughter's photo was just a fairly harmless shot of her in a bathing suit, there are photos of other girls that are quite shocking.

"The whole method of this site is to encourage people to put up pornographic pictures," said Pfleger.

The website has been up for a while and Pfleger has been on a crusade to warn other families. Attempting to raise awareness, he created a Facebook page "No Nude Selfies."

Pfleger says it is disturbing that website is now being treated like sport.

"They are keeping score that someone uploads more of these photos with an anonymous name. They're getting wins or points so it becomes a game."

Pfleger was able to successfully get his daughter's photo removed. He has advice for parents on how he did it.

"Contact the admin. Get the file number of the picture in question and state this is the photo of a minor."

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