Amazon launches free restaurant delivery service in Manhattan

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NEW YORK — Ordering food just got a little easier and more competitive, thanks to Amazon.

The company announced Tuesday it is partnering with more than 350 restaurants throughout Manhattan to give Amazon Prime members free one-hour-or-less delivery.

“Amazon Prime members across Manhattan have already experienced the convenience of ultra-fast delivery through Prime Now,” Amazon Restaurants General Manager Gus Lopez said in a press release. “And now, we are making it even better by adding free delivery from hundreds of local restaurants.”

Members can start using the service through the Prime Now app and are guaranteed there will be no extra fees with their orders. Customers would be paying the same amount as they would if they were dining at the restaurant.

The selection of eateries include some New York favorites such as Blue Ribbon Chicken, Mile End Delicatessan, Num Pang, Empanada Mama and even Momofoku Milk Bar (if you’re craving some sweets).

See the list of restaurants here.

But the company has some competition. Seamless, GrubHub, Postmates and UberEATS have saturated the New York food delivery market.

Unlike Seamless and GrubHub, Amazon delivery will only be available to Prime members who pay the $99 annual membership fee.

The company first tested the restaurant delivery service in Seattle, Washington last September. It was also launched in Dallas on Tuesday.