Some in Donald Trump’s childhood neighborhood on the fence about his campaign

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JAMAICA ESTATES, Queens -- One look at the layout of Jamaica Estates and it does not feel like one is in the city.

There are wide tree-lined streets, woodpeckers high above and yards covered with plenty of color. The place feels like the suburban American Dream torn off the pages of Home & Garden.

In particular, one house off of Midland Parkway that everyone knows about, "This is I believe the house that Donald Trump grew up in," said Freddie Lisena, who knows the neighborhood. In fact he knows it quite well, "I've been working in the area since I was a small child."

That was some 30 years ago.

The Ozone Park native is the owner of Lisena Landscaping. He has been working on this yard since the 80s, back when Donald Trump's father owned it. On Thursday, PIX11 News asked him, how does the area view Trump now? "It's great to see someone that came from our community reach those levels of success, but, whether or not he can actually achieve in the political world, is something I am not too sure about."

John Jance's mother used to get her hair done at the same salon as Trump's mother. It took him only seconds to give an underhanded compliment, "It nice to see a neighborhood kid make it, however ... it's him."

Before you think Jance is a Democrat, well, think again, "I'm having a lot of difficulties as a Republican."

Jance is not alone.

There is a reason why Trump went to Washington D.C. on Thursday morning, as much as their is a reason for Speaker Paul Ryan and others to meet with him. It is because of part of his past, the part that Jance has a hard time with, "He's always been Democrat, he always supports Democrats, most of his views from the past have been Democrat."

Jance feels that the trek made today by his old neighbor from years gone by... was an important step taken in long journey political journey ahead, "It's necessary for both sides to have to come to some bridge, because comes November, we are facing Clinton. So something has got to give."

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