LI mom speaks out after son with autism was left alone on school bus

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LONG ISLAND — Long Island mom Jeanine Vitucci arrived at her 7-year-old son Anthony's school at 2:30 in the afternoon to pick him up. However, it's not something she has done since September — since her son usually rides a school bus to and from the BOCES Elementary School.

This changed on Wednesday when Anthony, who has autism and is non-verbal, was left alone on a school bus for 90 minutes.

"The driver had forgot him on the bus," Vitucci said. " She proceeded to leave the school and go to a family members house to go to the bathroom.

That bathroom pit-stop lasted over an hour. The school day begins at 9 a.m., but Anthony did not arrive until 10:30. BOCES said there was an incident which they are now investigating, stopping short if the bus driver or the aide on board was fired.

"There is supposed to be a check — the matron and the bus driver both are obligated to do that sweep," Vitucci said.

To make matters worse, when Vitucci arrived to pick up her son on Thursday, she was met by a screaming PTA member that was not happy PIX11 News was outside to cover this story.

"She was buzzing about how absurd this was,"Vitucci said. " I said if it was your son, you would want the same thing."

And she means answers.

Vitucci said she is not sure if she wants to send her son to school tomorrow because she fears he will be retaliated against for her speaking out.

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