Best places to work in the New York area

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NEW YORK — Do you get free snacks or set your own work hours? Are you empowered to lead teams, even though you’re new to the business?  Some of the happiest workers say yes to all of this and more.

If you want to join their ranks, we’ll show you some of the best places to work in the New York area. So, what makes a worker feel like they’ve won the job lottery?

“Millenials want to know they’re working for a company and want more than a paycheck. They want to work for a higher purpose,” Chris Tkaczyk, Senior Editor of Fortune, said.

And millennials are the ones companies want to keep happy. The biggest part of our workforce, they’re 54 million strong and growing.

Google nails it, nabbing the number one spot in millennial hires, according to Fortune, year after year. We all can’t have napping pods, dry cleaning, free food round the clock and bike repair on site ... so what makes the REST of us happy?

"There's a good sense of camaraderie at these companies," Tkaczyk said.

"Hyatt sticks to a purpose. We care for people so people can be their best," Food and beverage manager Andrea Owen said.

At the Times Square Hyatt, and every Hyatt, there are means free meals for all, in a cool cafeteria employees want to hang out in. Perks include 12 free nights yearly in properties around the world. And their employee of the year reward? It's an all expenses paid trip.

Family-owned grocery chain Wegman's comes in at #2 on the top 15 list with 88 stores in the Northeast.  Benefits like scholarships, yoga sessions, and flexible work hours have broad appeal and makes for happy, loyal workers. And there are opportunities to climb the ladder of success.

"I feel empowered I used to be an architect, now I feel empowered to make a difference. This is where I want to retire from," Andrei Bidiak, a produce manager at Wegman's, said.

"They embrace training you and getting you to the next level," Bidiak said. "There are a lot of growth opportunities."

If you want a place with more of a corporate feel and appeal, Accenture is making millennials their business, hiring 90,000 of them last year — along with a focus on veterans and military spouses. Scholarships are offered, workers set their own hours, and even the newest workers feel empowered.

"They really get put at the forefront leading teams," Marissa Rodriguez, a digital marketing consultant said.

"You have the opportunity to find your passion here. I'm preparing to go to Uganda. I mean, how great is that?" Nahomie Louis, who has worked with Accenture for four years, said.

Accenture also offers to help pay back your student loans — a $1.3 trillion debt nationwide. More and more companies are jumping on that bandwagon because it’s important to millennials to pay back their debt before saving for the retirement.