Escaped inmate captured in NJ, faces additional 5 years in prison

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LACEY TOWNSHIP, N.J. — He only had two weeks left until he was out on parole, but now 38-year-old Arthur Buckel is facing up to five years back in prison for escaping last Tuesday.

The manhunt lasted nearly a week since Buckel escaped from his Bayside Prison jail cell and fled North evading police at every turn. On Sunday night, Buckel had told police through his family that he was going to turn himself in at the Forked River rest stop along the Garden State Parkway in New Jersey, but when police arrived, he was gone.

On Monday morning, police had fanned out with dogs tracking Buckel's scent. However, it was an eagle-eyed driver who spotted the fugitive in the woods of the parkway about a half-mile from the rest stop.

"Our detective took him down at gunpoint and covered him until a Department of Corrections officer made his way up the highway and placed him under arrest," Lacey Township Police Chief David Paprota said.

Paprota, who has been chief for four years, described the woods as a difficult place to search because of the terrain and trees. He said Buckel was spotted extremely fatigued and did not put up a struggle when found.

Buckel was in jail finishing out a sentence on assault. Prior to that jail stint, Buckel served over 20 years in prison for murdering his girlfriends 10-month old baby. He was due to be a free man in two-weeks.

The New Jersey Department of Corrections is heading up the investigation and told PIX11 News that Buckel will be medically evaluated and treated before he is interrogated. Authorities want to know how exactly he escaped from his jail cell and did he have any help.

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