Families march across Brooklyn Bridge to rally against gun violence

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BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Celebrities joined hundreds of parents and families march across the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall and rally to stop gun violence Saturday.

"They stole my big brother, my role model, my friend," a young boy who lost his big brother pleaded to those with guns.

He's part of hundreds of families who's taking a stand and sending a message guns in the wrong hands are hurting to many people.

"The gun lobby now knows that tough mothers are here to stay," said Shannon Watts.

This year celebrities Melissa Joan Hart and Julianne Moore joined the march. They are hoping star power can help save a life.

"I firmly believe this is not an anti-gun issue. It's a safety issue," said actress Julianne Moore.

"I stand up here today with all these tough mothers and fathers," said actress Melissa Joan Hart. "We just want a solution to all these gun problems."

The rally comes as parents of New York City school children are concerned with the rising number of weapons founds on campus this year.

Just in the past couple months three guns were found in three different New York City schools.

The group says they want to keep guns out of the hands of children.

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