McDonald’s testing new chicken McNuggets with no artificial preservatives

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NEW YORK — McDonald’s is revamping its most popular menu item — the chicken McNuggets— and testing out a “clean-label” version.

The fast food chain said the new recipe is a “simpler” version does not have artificial preservatives and contains ingredients that customers recognize, according to Crain’s Chicago Business. About 140 McDonald’s restaurants started testing the new nugget in Portland, Ore., and Washington state in March.

Crain’s Chicago Business said McDonald’s did not provide them with the full ingredient list. The current chicken McNuggets contain 32 ingredients, according to the chain’s website.

This comes just months before the summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The chain is planning to roll out the new McNuggets nationwide just before the Olympic Games start in August, according to sources that told Crain’s Chicago Business. McDonald’s has not confirmed the nationwide release date.

McDonald’s has been rolling out a few menu changes for its customers recently.

In Atlanta, McDonald’s Mighty Wings will be available in 285 restaurants for a limited time, TheStreet reported. The wings will be served at these select locations until mid-June. The item was a complete failure for the chain. McDonald’s customers said the breading was too spicy and not enjoyable for the price they were sold for, TheStreet reported. The Mighty Wings were short-lived and were quickly pulled from menus nationwide in 2013. They will most likely not return to menus even if they are a success in Atlanta, according to TheStreet.

Earlier this month, McDonald’s announced that a restaurant currently being built in Missouri will have new menu items that includes all-you-can-eat french fries and customizable desserts, sandwiches and burgers. It’s unclear if it will be a staple item at all locations.