ISIS releases list naming thousands of New Yorkers as intended targets

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NEW YORK -- The FBI is investigating after ISIS released a random list of New Yorkers named as intended targets.

The list has as many as 2,000-3,000 names on it and contains the personal information of both government employees and American citizens, including people living in the New York area. Although, many of the names are reportedly duplicates.

Retired FBI Agent and Security Analyst Manny Gomez points out this isn’t anything new from the terrorist organization, which has previously put out long lists to its followers.

"Clearly this is another ISIS propaganda campaign," Gomez said.

There are real concerns the list may not be legitimate, or up-to-date.

Contact information for several hundred of the people on the list is reportedly no longer active.

That said, Gomez says this is not an excuse to dismiss the reach of ISIS, and technological expertise.

"We need to act as a force multiplier, " Gomez said. "If you see something, say something. That is totally the new norm."