Who will inherit Prince’s multi-million dollar estate?

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PAISLEY PARK, Minn. — It's estimated that Prince's estate is worth well over $300,000.

Who is heir to his throne is not yet clear.

The music icon was not married and he does not have any children.

Even after his death his estate will continue to make money.  To get an idea of how much. the estate of Michael Jackson is said to have made 1 billion dollars since Jackson's death in 2009.

Prince scored dozens of top 40 hits, sold more than 100 million records, and won Grammy and Academy awards.

There is also a potential windfall from the rumored "vault" of unreleased material house at Paisley Park.

Prince was incredibly charitable but as a Jehovah witness liked to remain quiet about his philanthropy.

The music legend does have a sister, but it's unclear if he is leaving the estate to her or if there are plans to continue his charitable work.