Toddler accidentally shot by father: police

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Las Vegas, NV (KVVU) — A 3-year-old boy was treated at Sunrise Hospital after police say his father negligently discharged his gun on Wednesday night.

The man was washing his car at a self-service car wash, located at Spring Mountain Road and Decatur Boulevard, when the gun in his pocket discharged.

“The bullet impacted his young son and he received non-life-threatening injuries to his right leg,” Metro’s Officer Michael Rodriguez said.

Authorities and gun advocates believe the entire situation could have been prevented. FOX5 reached out to the owner of Green Valley Range in Henderson, who believes that even if the shooting was not intentional, there should have been more mindfulness in handling a gun near a child.

“The trigger will not pull itself,” said Jerry Tumminia. “You can’t have an accidental discharge, it is negligent. You did something negligent in the handling of your firearm.”

Tumminia teaches beginners gun safety before they receive their gun license. He said the most important lesson is knowing when and how to use your weapon.

“The biggest thing is to teach people that the finger is never on the trigger unless they’re on target and ready to shoot,” Tumminia said. “If you do not put your finger on the trigger and pull it, you’re not going to fire the firearm.”

The child victim has since been treated and released from the hospital. Police said they will investigate to determine if the father will face criminal charges.

“Investigators look into everything, including if it was accidental or the malfunction of the weapon,” Rodriguez said. “Those are all factors we look into before determining criminal charges.”

The family is cooperating with police.