Taxi drivers on alert after uptick in Queens robberies

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LONG ISLAND CITY, Queens – Drivers are feeling a little uneasy on the job after an increase in armed robberies targeting them as they step out of their cabs.

"I've been robbed sometimes," Osman Kamara, a livery taxi driver said.

Kamara is a livery cab driver whose been on the job for two years in New York but who is concerned after police say two were men caught on video allegedly linked to robbing 14 cab drivers throughout Queens since March 3rd.

"Everyday when I drive I think of the dangers involved in this job," Kamara said.

The armed bandits are hitting yellow and livery cab drivers.

Police said the crooks are working the crime the same each time - waiting for the driver to step out of the vehicle and stealing cash, credit cards, and cell phones. The crime spree has amassed a total of more than $6,000 stolen.

"Since I heard about the dangers in Queens I leave all my credit cards and valuables at home, and I make sure I fix my camera," Kamara said.

The hot spot areas most of the robberies have happened are in Jamaica, Richmond Hill and surrounding areas but all of Queens is on alert.

The cabbie union is angry at cops. They say should have kept them in the loop on the spike in crime.

"It's upsetting because they should have released this to us weeks ago, they should have alerted us these things are happening," Fernando Mateo of the NY Federation of Taxi Drivers said.

The union telling drivers even more to watch their back.

"It's a very dangerous industry, but we can make it safer if we have better communication with NYPD," Mateo said.

The targeted robberies come as several drivers have been slashed in recent months.

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