‘Game of Thrones’ season six premiere: See the gear every fan needs

Posted at 9:58 AM, Apr 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-21 11:40:08-04

The calendar may say spring, but brace yourself, because winter is coming!

So while we wait to find out what really happened to Jon Snow, we’re going to help you throw the perfect viewing party to celebrate the return of everyone’s fantasy favorite. "Game of Thrones" season six premieres on HBO Sunday.

Mike Avila, contributing editor at, showed some of his favorite "Game of Thrones" gear.

  1. Dress the part: this tasseled necklace and leather cuff bracelet will help you channel your inner Khaleesi and style it like the Mother of Dragons. (Tasseled Necklace - JC Penney, $99; Leather Cuff Bracelet – JC Penney, $137)
  2. In Westeros, they love their booze: these wine glass goblets are perfect for a nice glass of red wine.  (Wine Glass Goblets - JC Penney, $95 set of 4)
  3. The Ommegang Brewery in Cooperstown puts out a new Game of Thrones-themed beer every season. The newest release is the Seven Kingdoms wheat ale ( Seven Kingdoms Wheat Ale –
  4. What better way to drink beer than in a Dragonclaw goblet? (Dragonclaw Goblet - HBO Store, $39.99) OR a Dragon Egg canister (Dragon Egg Jar - ThinkGeek, $29.99)
  5. How can we really add some ‘taste’ to the party menu? House Stark and House Lannister salt and pepper shakers (Map Marker Salt & Pepper Shakers - ThinkGeek, $19.99)
  6. What can we do while we’re waiting for that last hour or two before the season premiere? break out the The Game of Thrones Monopoly game. (Game of Thrones Monopoly – $59.99)
  7. What about décor — How do we give it that Kings Landing look?  Try a royal crown replica, woven sigil blanket, or bookends (you can find these at the HBO Store on 42nd Street)