Backstage on Broadway: Benjamin Walker and Jennifer Damiano talk timeless themes in ‘American Psycho’

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“I think it is chilling to look back and say oh that’s how they did it, but we still do a lot of those things,” Benjamin Walker said.

An uncomfortable irony the new musical American Psycho throws in your face.

“That's what makes it so jarring," Jennifer Damiano said. "I think people leave surprised at how they didn’t realize how important this story may be to tell right now”

From cut-throat consumerism to corporate greed to gruesome murder, the book made waves when it was first released in 1991.

“When the book came out no one had imagined that story yet and it was shocking," Walker said. "Now people come in to the show and when I come out in a raincoat people cheer."

Christian Bale brought the 1980s Manhattan businessman/serial killer to life in 2000 blending horror and humor. Now, Benjamin Walker has transformed into the insatiable Patrick Bateman. We brought him and co-star/Tony nominee Jennifer Damiano to the 21 Club, one of the location from the movie to make them feel, well, comfortable.

“I’ve never been here, I really like the vibe," Damiano smiled. "It is nice,” Walker agreed.

They're tasked with bringing violence and gore to the stage in a tasteful but truthful way.

“I think you have to go far or else it just kind of falls flat,” Damiano said.

It also tackles themes like economic disparity, gender inequality and politics.

“It is about our place in society, it’s much bigger than did he kill or didn’t he kill and I think that’s a healthy conversation,” Walker said.

Which may say a lot about how far our society has really come.

“There’s a big laugh at the beginning of the show because Patrick is obsessed with his Walkman," Walker recalled. “And people love laughing at that but they’ll still get up at 5am and stand in line for the new iPhone, we haven’t really changed that much.”

American Psycho is currently playing at the Schoenfield Theatre.

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