Brooklyn neighbors demand action over so called taxi graveyard

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GREENPOINT, Brooklyn— People who live and work near Provost Street in Greenpoint say they spend about half an hour trying to find a parking spot every morning thanks to a growing line of unused taxis.

"These taxis have taken up everything," said Michael Herlihy. "They send somebody in here in the middle of the night to alternate street parking. So they can't write them tickets. But then again you come here in the morning and there's absolutely nowhere to park."

Dominic Cocuzzo, a resident in the neighborhood, says there are anywhere from 20 to 40 cabs lined up on all sides of the street everyday.

Cocuzzo and Herlihey say they've tried calling the local police department, but since taxis aren't considered commercial vehicles, there's nothing cops can do.

"I even called 3-1-1 last year, I remember, on this," said Cocuzzo. "They said as long as the cabs are parked legally there's nothing they can do."

The TLC told us the same thing.

Drivers say the cabs belong to McGuiness Management just a few blocks away. Last year someone from the company told Gothamist the parking problem was caused by a slow down in business thanks to competition from apps like UBER.

"If you have that many cabs you should be able to have a parking garage where you'd be able to take them off the street and park them," said Cocuzzo.

It turns out McGuiness management might— the parking lot in front of the dispatch office was almost empty when we stopped by— but in order to get the taxis to move the city will have to step in.

Those dealing with the problem say they wouldn't keep the meter running.

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