Virginia bakery employs formerly incarcerated women

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VIRGINIA— A bakery in Virginia is making the lives of their employees sweeter—by giving them a second chance.

The company called Together We Bake, formed in 2012, is made up of women who have a criminal past in the Washington DC area.

Through the program, employees acquire the skills to make the companies signature Chocolate Chip Cookies and Granola.

According to the bakery's website, the eight-week training program boasts an 83 percent completion rate and a 60 percent employment rate.

There are 3 sessions per year and opportunities to be employed permanently at the bakery after completing a session.

The products are distributed to locations like Whole Foods and Del Ray Farmers Market.

The company follows a similar model as Greyston Bakery-- where producing baked goods is part of their greater mission to provide jobs and training to low-income residents of Yonkers, New York.