Trump looks for a delegate clean sweep in native New York

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NEW YORK— In his usual surroundings Donald Trump was confident on Monday— home field advantage, combined with high poll numbers, indicate that Trump may take 95 delegates on Tuesday.

The Queens native stopped briefly to chat with PIX 11 News inside of his famed Trump Tower in Midown just seconds before addressing a coalition of religious leaders and various industry professionals from across the nation.

Dan Nainan a Manhattan based comedian with roots from India and Japan who performed for Trump back in 2010 were among those in attendance.

Although, he cannot vote on Tuesday due to his independent status, Nainan did share what Trump has to do between now and November to earn his vote— if he were to become the GOP nominee.

"He has to do what is best for the country. That is what he has to do," Nainan said.

Nainan also shared the one observation that struck many at this gathering. "The takeaway is that it is more diverse than I would have expected."

There were representatives from essentially all Demographics represented, all out to hear the man who ten months ago started his campaign in the same building by insulting Mexicans and Latinos with controversial comments—described as racist by the millions.

When PIX 11 asked Trump about the diversity inside this room and what it had to say for the day, Trump simply responded, "It means that people are coming together, that is what we have to do we have to bring people together, our country is very divided and we have to bring people together."

Meanwhile Ohio Governor John Kasich campaigned upstate while securing an endorsement from the great grandson of Manhattan born President Teddy Roosevelt. As for Texas Senator Ted Cruz?

He held a morning town hall on a national morning show. Both candidates of course desperately battling Trump to ensure that mogul does not secure all of the state's delegates.

PIX 11 asked Trump if the atmosphere was similar some of the heavyweight championships he helped host and promote nearly thirty years ago? Trump offered quick four-word response, "This is more fun."