Sections of Second Avenue subway ‘falling behind’

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Every month, board members on MTA's Transit Committee get a briefing on the progress of the Second Avenue Subway.

Officials remain hopeful that the Second Avenue subway with its 4 stations will open in December 2016— but at the last few meetings, some concern has been seeping into official presentations.

At the April committee meeting, MTA Capital Construction President Michael Horodniceanu said work needed to be stepped up at the 72nd Street Station.

Part of the presentation indicated "72nd Street finishes contractor is falling behind."

The MTA and representatives from the Governor's office are meeting with the contractor working on the that location and the agency conducts regular reviews and visits to all job sites.

MTA Board Members have already approved $66 million to accelerate the project— contractors will get a bonus for completing the work and hitting certain milestones.

The project's independent engineer has voiced concern during the last two monthly meetings that there was a risk the December 2016 date could not be met. Final checks and safety inspections are often a tough component of any big project.

Reporters were last given a tour of the project at the end of May 2015.