Arnold helps woman get ticket refunded over incorrect parking sign

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LOWER MANHATTAN — When Delilah Salazar contacted PIX11, she said it was clear her car had been ticketed twice for violations she did not commit.

Salazar received the summonses for parking in a bus stop in lower Manhattan.  But she insists that it was the fault of a confusing and inaccurate traffic sign.

Traffic regulations say a bus stop extends all the way down the block until the next parking sign or the end of the block. And that’s where the confusion came.

The parking sign down the block from the bus stop said  “no parking, 11 to 12:30, Monday and Thursday.”

Since it wasn’t Monday or Thursday, Delilah assumed she could park on either side of the sign because the sign had a double arrow, pointing in both directions.

“One arrow pointed toward the bus stop. The other arrow pointed away from the bus stop," said Salazar. "So I parked ahead of the arrow. Why can’t I park there? Why should I get a ticket there?"

But when she returned to her car after parking overnight, there were two tickets on her windshield. Each summons was $115.

Salazar says she sent pictures of the sign and the bus stop to the Board of Appeals of the Finance Department, but she lost. The appeals board wrote “on review of the record, we find no reversible error.”

Salazar then contacted PIX11 asking for help.

We sent a picture of the sign to the Department of Transportation. Shortly after, a DOT spokesperson agreed it was an “incorrect double arrow sign.”

In fact, the DOT then took down the “incorrect sign” and replaced it with a new sign that has just one arrow.

It points away from the bus stop.

Salazar felt vindicated by the DOT’s admission that the sign was incorrect.

So clearly, she should not have been ticketed for illegal parking. But she wanted more, she wanted her money back.

She had paid $230 for the two tickets.  So PIX11 contacted the Finance Department’s Appeal Board. The judges took another look at her case and this time, citing the photos she provided, they reversed their decision.

When she heard she was getting a total refund, Salazar said.  “That’s super exciting. That all I wanted."