Mom’s warning about twin cribs goes viral

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PHOENIX, Ariz., — A Phoenix mom of twins has a warning for other families. She said just a few minutes after she put her 18-month-old son down for his nap, he was screaming, and in a very dangerous situation.

“It’s really hard to think about,” Alison Johnson said. “It was pretty traumatizing, the whole thing.”

A twin herself, Johnson said she never saw anything dangerous about putting her twins’ cribs next to each other.

“I wanted that for the bonding,” she explained. “I wanted them to be in the same room, to be next to each other and share those memories.”

But because of the cribs’ woodwork, there was still a 6-inch gap between them.

“I’ll never forget the image of him there,” Johnson said.

The image she’s talking about is from an incident a week ago. She put him down for a nap. A few minutes later, she heard him crying. She went to check on him, never imagining what she would see. Caleb had climbed out of his crib.

“He was between the two cribs, using his little arms to hold himself up and if his arms had given out his head wouldn’t have fit between the slots,” Johnson said

Caleb would have been hanging there — by his head — had Johnson not reacted quickly. She’s since moved the cribs further apart and lowered Caleb’s mattress.

She posted her story on Facebook as a cautionary tale. It’s been shared more than 50,000 times. Johnson said despite the few negative comments, she is glad she posted it.

“I’m thankful we shared this story because I’m totally confident that we’ve saved a life by it,” Johnson said.

Thanks to Johnson’s viral post, she said many moms of twins have reached out, saying they have a similar setup and will now change it.