Juror in ex-NYPD officer trial to face judge for allegedly lying

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BROOKLYN – The decision to convict a former New York City police officer on manslaughter hit home for one juror, and now he will face a Brooklyn judge Wednesday morning.

Attorneys discovered 62-year-old Michael Vargas was hiding a secret after he served on the trial for Peter Liang.

Vargas allegedly lied to the court that his estranged father served time for the same exact offense. A fact that barred him from a triple homicide case earlier this year.

Attorneys for Liang are trying to get the conviction thrown out.

Two years ago, the cop recklessly fired in a darkened housing stairwell, killing unarmed Akai Gurley. The trial and conviction divided the community, sparking protests and outrage.

Adding to the anger, word from the District Attorney last month, Ken Thompson asked the judge to spare Liang a prison sentence in exchange for home confinement and probation.

Juror Vargas shared similar sentiments, telling the Daily News that would be a "slap on the wrist."

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