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120-pound Great Dane rescued from 20-foot tree

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PLATTSMOUTH, Neb. — Firefighters are used to getting emergency calls asking to rescue cats stuck in trees, but it's not every day they get a call about a dog getting stuck in one.

And it wasn't just any dog — it was a 120-pound Great Dane, stuck 20 feet in the air!

Wes McGurik says he couldn't find his Great Dane, Kora, when he returned to his home in Nebraska. He searched front yard, and when he heard her whimpering, he realized she had somehow scaled a large tree.

According to the Plattsmouth Volunteer Fire Department, they first thought it was a prank. But sure enough, there was Kora, stuck up in the tree.

Firefighters used a long leash and harness to try and lower her to the ground with a tarp positioned below. Although she was a little cold, Kora was unhurt and happy to be down.

 McGurik speculates that Kora was possibly chasing a squirrel, and is still in awe of her vertical prowess.