High School gives ‘Dora the Explorer’ actress Fatima Ptacek pass on vaping, lawsuit says

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NEW YORK — A lawsuit says the teenage actress who voices Nickelodeon’s spunky “Dora the Explorer” character was given special treatment after she was caught vaping in a New York City high school bathroom.

Parents for a former student at the private school say in court papers filed Monday that their child was given harsher discipline after she and voice actress Fatima Ptacek were caught using a vapor pen to inhale caramel-flavored water.

Parents Nadia Leonelli and Fredrik Sundwall say their daughter was forced to leave the school while Ptacek was only suspended for three days. They want their daughter re-enrolled.

The lawsuit refers to the 15-year-old Ptacek by her initials but identifies her as being the voice of Dora.

A spokesman for Avenues: The World School has declined to comment. Ptacek’s publicist hasn’t responded to a message seeking comment.