Navy rescues 3 castaways on uninhabited island after they spell ‘HELP’ in palm leaves on beach

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FANADIK, Federal States of Micronesia — A Navy patrol spotted three castaways stranded on an uninhabited island thanks to their signal for “HELP” made of palm leaves.

US Navy P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol and reconnaissance aircraft operating from Misawa, Japan discovered the marooned men on Thursday when they responded to a search and rescue request from the US Coast Guard, the Fleet said.

On Monday, the men set out from Pulap, FSM in a 19-foot skiff. A few hours later, a large wave capsized their boat and they spent the night swimming until they arrived on the island, four nautical miles from Pulap, the Fleet said.

A small boat from Pulap recovered the men from the island with no reported injuries.

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