6-year-old shot by another child while riding bike: police

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Lawrenceville, Ga. (WGCL) — Who shot a 6-year-old boy as he was riding a bicycle through his neighborhood?

That’s been a mystery for nearly a month.

Gwinnett County police announced they believe it’s one of the young victim’s playmates.

Normally when police track down a shooting suspect, they haul them into jail. But this time, they’re leaving it to his parents to set the punishment because the shooter is less than 10-years-old.

“It makes you wonder what type of parenting is going on around here,” said neighbor Tyshawn Pettway.

People who live on Caboose Court in Lawrenceville are relieved to hear there’s no crazed maniac going around shooting little kids for fun, but that doesn’t mean they’re relieved to hear what really happened either.

“Parents are not being responsible with their artillery. You’ve got to be careful about where you’re placing your gun, who you let know where your gun is,” said Pettway.

The 6-year-old originally told police he was riding his bike home from a block party when a bullet came out of nowhere.

Many in the Lawrenceville neighborhood naturally assumed the shooter was an adult, or at least a teenage party-goer.

Police offered a reward to anyone who could help catch the person responsible so they could bring the shooter to justice. However, the term “justice” in this situation may end up being a time out, or a stern talking to.

The victim, Ni-Shawn Moore, told his mother he thought he was shot with a BB gun, and with police ruling this an accident, perhaps that’s what the other boy thought too.

Samantha Gulley lives one house over from where the child said he was shot. She said, “I have two little ones. I don’t even like them being in the kitchen around knives. I can’t imagine them having a gun around.”

Moore was lucky it wasn’t a larger caliber bullet, because this story may have had a much different ending.

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