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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2016 draws fans worldwide to Barclays Center

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BROOKLYN — No matter how you feel about the bands or musicians being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, you always feel like someone is left out.

It's something the committee deals with every year when it starts the selection process in the fall. And it's what makes getting inducted an honor for the musicians and their fans.

"A lot of times they're not happy because they haven't been inducted for a long time, but I think when they're night comes it makes for a very happy and emotional night," Hall of Fame CEO Joel Peresman said.

For Chicago, Cheap Trick, Deep Purple, N-W-A, and Steve Miller Friday was that night.

The group makes up the 2016 Class of inductees for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But Peresman said the fans who get to witness the inductions are the real winners.

"For people in America that love Rock & Roll this is a truly wonderful show because it gives you something for everybody," Peresman said.

And it's not just America.

Rudy Koepf came all the way from Germany to see his favorite band, Deep Purple, get inducted.

"It should have come earlier, but it's okay if it's tonight," Koepf said.

Koepf went to his first show in 1975 and said he's been to every Deep Purple Concert in Germany since.

"There are many stories, but there is nothing to share," Koepf said.

Or rather nothing he can share.

Now he wears the bands' initials everywhere he goes with a gold medallion on a necklace. With the entire group back together for the big night, he said he can't wait to hear them play at Barclays Center.

"There will be only one song that they have to do tonight which is smoke [on the water]."

But whether it's Deep Purple or NWA, Peresman said each induction is really about honoring the history of music for the fans of every style.

"So you can trace all of these various genres of music back to one or two places," Peresman said. "So while people say that disco isn't rock and roll, or hip-hop isn't rock and roll, it all is in our opinion."

This is the second time the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction has taken place here at Barclays Center. The entire show airs April 30 on HBO.

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