PIX Financial Fix: Smart products for an easier life

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Behindthebuy.com's senior editor David Gregg is back with his monthly free Friday visit to introduce us to four new tech products that are so smart, you'll wonder how you lived without them.

PRODUCT #1: iRobot Braava Jet Mopping Robot

Braava jet works with Braava jet Cleaning Pads to tackle a range of hard floor cleaning jobs, from wet mopping and damp sweeping to simple dusting. The wet mopping and damp sweeping pads, which contain a water-activated cleaning agent, leave a fresh, clean scent. Braava jet is also simple to use; just attach the desired Braava jet Cleaning Pad and press the ‘CLEAN’ button. The robot will automatically determine its cleaning action based on the pad chosen.  Moving in an efficient pattern, Braava jet deftly maneuvers around obstacles in its path and cleans along furniture, walls, and fixtures. Its Precision Jet Spray2 and Vibrating Cleaning Head help loosen dirt and stains while the Braava jet Cleaning Pads break up and lock away debris.

When Braava jet is finished cleaning, users don’t have to worry about touching the dirty cleaning pads. Simply place the robot over a waste basket and hit the ‘eject’ button to drop the pad into the trash. To keep Braava jet from entering unwanted areas, such as an adjacent room without a door or a carpeted area, users can create an invisible boundary with Virtual Wall Mode.

Braava jet comes packaged with a long-lasting Lithium Ion Battery, a battery charger, and two of each type of cleaning pad (wet mopping, damp sweeping and dry sweeping). Reusable, washable cleaning pads are available for purchase separately.

PRICE: $199 www.irobot.com Braava jet Cleaning Pads retail for $7.99 for a box of 10 and the washable cleaning pad retails for $19.99 for a box of two.

PRODUCT #2LUX/GEO Smart Thermostat

Not all smart thermostats are created equal. Many are expensive and don’t give you full autonomy over your thermostat. Priced at just $179, the LUX/GEO is a quality, affordable and reliable Wi-Fi thermostat that allows you to control your comfort via smart phone app, desktop or on the product. This thermostat has both brains and beauty. With a large display, free Android/ iOS App and built-in geo-fencing capability, the LUX/GEO is a must have to save money on your utility bills to keep your family comfortable all year.

PRICE: $179.99; www.LuxProducts.com

PRODUCT #3: Bitdefender BOX

Bitdefender BOX is the first cybersecurity solution that can protect all your internet connected devices, from laptops, smartphones, tablets to smart locks, smart TV, thermostats, and more. These little smart devices (door locks, thermostats, etc.) add convenience to our lives, but are also the weak links in our home personal network. It’s way too easy for hackers to access your personal data. The Bitdefender BOX is the first and only solution available on the market that can truly protect your personal data.  The BOX scans traffic going in and out of your home’s router and blocks online attacks before they reach your devices.  Protecting your personal private information. On top of that, Bitdefender BOX is an easy way to manage all of your family’s devices. Through Bitdefender BOX you can see if the device is protected with a password, you can push updates, clean your hard disk, limit the access to the internet to a certain time frame, and more.

PRICE: The BOX is currently free but requires a subscription of $99/year. For more info go to: http://www.bitdefender.com/box/

PRODUCT #4:    Samsung’s Gear VR

Available at T-Mobile, the Samsung Gear VR is a virtual reality headset powered by Oculus that gives you a totally new and immersive way to experience premium gaming, movies and television at your leisure.  And with T-Mobile’s Binge On, you can take advantage of the Netflix for Gear VR app, enjoying all the movies/TV you want without it counting against your high-speed data.  The device is lightweight, with extra comfort and padding so you can play and watch happily wherever your virtual travel may take you.  It’s compatible with the following Samsung phones, available at T-Mobile, including: Galaxy Note5, Galaxy S6 edge+, Galaxy S 6, Galaxy S6 edge.

PRICE: $99.99; http://www.t-mobile.com/accessories/samsung-gear-vr.html 

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