Howard hunts for disappearing attorney

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HARLEM, N.Y. -- Dante Melville is living with family in Yonkers. She’d rather have her own place again. But she says the lawyer she hired when she was selling her apartment in Harlem kept money the buyer put into escrow -- $59,500.

The attorney is Sam Wolf, Esq.

“I got a text message from my agent saying Sam had to leave the country abruptly. He had a family emergency. So my closing was postponed until the 29th.”

The closing was delayed. Wolf had another lawyer show up. And the sale went through.

But Melville never got the money in escrow. She called, texted, emailed and returned to Wolf’s office/apartment in Brooklyn. After the visit, she says Wolf called her, apologized and said he’d have her money that afternoon.

“The afternoon came and went. Never heard from Sam again.”

So I brought Melville back to the building Wolf lists as his office. The woman Melville says told her she was Wolf’s girlfriend talked to me through the door. This time she claimed to be the ex-wife. In any case, she wasn’t interested in helping. Not even in taking my business card.

So where does that leave Melville? She’s filed complaints with the Brooklyn DA and with the New York State Bar’s Grievance Committee. But she can’t buy a new place until she gets her money.

“It’s not fair! I don’t know where the money is… but I want my money.”

If you happen to know the whereabouts of attorney Sam Wolf, please get in touch.

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